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2022 Robbie Tournament

              Kate Shackleton, Julia Prohaska and Roshan Mendonce
Kate Shackleton, Julia Prohaska and Roshan Mendonce

 The Return of the Robbie Tournament after two years

The Robbie Festival this year concluded with very little problems and many complements
Thanks to the many house league referees from Wexford who participated in Scarborough
The games at Milliken Mills did suffer a shortage of referees, the host club Markham could not supply referees on that date

Robbie Tournament 

The Robbie Tournament this year was not as large as previous years and the fact that we were experiencing a shortage of referees across Ontario some measure of difficulty was expected with regards to having enough referees

The final schedule was late in getting published, however, due to preplanning with our supporting Districts, Toronto, Durham, York Region and Scarborough did not cause a problem. 
Eighty % of the games were covered with three referees and 20% with two referees. The Robbie concluded in a positive manner, this is not to say, it was free of problems.

This year the Robbie finally made the decision to use refcentre scheduling program to schedule Robbie games this year. This was a good decision; it takes away many, many long man hours every year, and it also provides visibility to everyone to see game information online2022 Robbie International Soccer Tournament program information

Robbie Festival June 25th and 26th ( Small Sided Soccer) 

Robbie Tournament July 1st, 2nd and 3rd ( 11 V 11)

The Robbie is a proud supporter of Cystic Fibrosis, a Canadian Charity 
If you are a soccer referee and would  like to volunteer your time as a referee, please contact Leslie Wong
Email: Phone # 647 992 5762

If you reside in the Toronto Area contact Robert Bagazzoli at  416 801 0672 email

If you reside in the York Region contact Peter Kalpouzos at 289 221 0524 email:

If you reside in the Durham District contact Paul La Tour at 904 261 9902 email: