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Kuizan 2016 Provincial Achievements

Kuizan and Miryam 2016 Robbie Celebrity Game
Kuizan and Miryam 2016 Robbie Celebrity Game

Congratulations to Kuizan Weekes, who was recently promoted to Provincial status. 

As a Regional Referee for two years, Kuizan became a regular referee in the League 1 program this year. 

His dedication and performance paved the way for him to be appointed to many top level games across Ontario. In places such as Thunder Bay, Sault Ste Marie, North Bay, Sudbury and Windsor.

When talking to Kuizan, one gets the distinct impression, that he really enjoys what he does, and work towards being the best he can be.

A quote from Kuizan “I would not have believed that being a soccer referee would allow me to do something that I enjoy doing, getting paid to do it and travelling to many parts in Ontario, where I would have never gone on my own”. Just grate!   

Kuizan now joins a selected few, Archie McPherson and Fabrizio Stasolla who are currently Provincial Referees in the District of Scarborough

 Wishing you continued success from your colleagues in Scareborough