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Referee Achievements

Kuizan 2016 Provincial Achievements

Kuizan and Miryam 2016 Robbie Celebrity Game

Congratulations to Kuizan Weekes, who was recently promoted to Provincial status. 

As a Regional Referee for two years, Kuizan became a regular referee in the League 1 program this year. 

His dedication and performance paved the way for him to be appointed to many top level games across Ontario. In places such as Thunder Bay, Sault Ste Marie, North Bay, Sudbury and Windsor.

Kuizan 2015 Achievements

Alexander, Kuizan, Joe Filipie and Ramee League one match 23/04/2015

Contratulations to Kuizan Weekes on his first Semi Professional match appointment.

Ontario Soccer Association appointed Kuizan on May 23rd 2015 to his first ever League one match. The match was played on Tim Horton's Field, the venue for 2015 Pan Am games. The teams were Sanjaxx VS Ottawa Fury.

Congratulations to Isaac Raymond

Congratulations to Isaac Raymond -  - The new Manager Canada’s Referee Department

Congratulations Isaac Raymond on your appointment as the new Manager of Referee Department. Isaac resides in Scarborough and played soccer with the Scarborough Maple Leaf Soccer Club. After his playing days were over, he continued in the world of soccer and entered into the unchartered waters of refereeing with positive results.

Ref. Achievements

Congratulations to the followimg referees from the District of Scarborough who were successful in their 2019 Ontario Soccer match official upgrade
No individual pictures available at this time, however, you can recognise some of them from the group picture. 

District 6 to 7
Benjamin Song
Kisanth Raguvranan
Jathusan Pushpraajah

District 7 to 8
Rocky Hsiung
Roshan Mendonca
Kyle Cohall
All referees should be given the training and opportunity to develop to their full potential and try to be the best they can be. The SSRA is proud of our referees and their many accomplishments.



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