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Isaac Raymond' Achievements

(2003) Isaac goes to Winnipeg.

Congratulations to Isaac Raymond on his selection to officiate in the National Club Championship, Girls and Boys Under Eighteen Tournament which will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. October 8th through 13th of this year (2003)

Isaac also was selected to officiate in Quebec during the month of August in the Professional A League.

(2004) Play Fair Award won by Ontario Referees

Congratulations to Isaac Raymond and the rest of CCAA referees team

Fair Play Award won by Ontario Referees Nov 17, 2004 Author: Soccer Online

Between November 10th and 13th in London, Ontario, Fanshawe College was the host of the 2004 CCAA National Men's & Women's Soccer Championships. The National Championships featured the top 12 college soccer teams in Canada. The CCAA (Canadian Colleges Athletic Association) is the largest intercollegiate sport organization in Canada with 100 member institutions from Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia athletic college associations. Over 300 soccer athletes, coaches, and support personnel from across Canada participated to this tournament.

Extremely impressed by the referees’ performance during the tournament, the CCAA men's convener decided to award the Fair Play Award to the group of referees who officiated at the games. At the closing ceremonies, Isaac Raymond and Tony Camacho accepted this trophy on behalf of the following officials: Steve Cahoon, Vito Curalli, Stephanie DenHaan, Steve DePiero, Joe Fletcher, Andreas Helmer, Grace Iafrati, Andrew Jasinski, Lisa MacNeil, Leif Maitland, John Oliva, Christian Palavicino, Calin Pintea, Isaac Raymond, Tamara Reitsma and Justin Tasev. The trophy will be on display at Conestoga College and at the SWRSA office.

Congratulations to all these Ontario officials for a job very well done !!!

Left to right: Joe Fletcher-AR1, Vito Curalli-4th Official, Isaac Raymond-Referee,  Justin Tasev-AR2 Isaac was also appointed to referee the Men's Gold Medal Game.

Isaac Raymond Scarborough Referee of the Year 2004

This award was initiated in 1982, by the Association Executive to recognize those game officials, who contributed in an outstanding way to the game of Soccer, on and off the field. It is a show of appreciation for their dedication to the profession and the game itself.

Isaac's contribution comes in the form of the following:-
Branch Education – Instructor
National Referee Status
District - Instructor 

2005 Attained National Status

Please join me in congratulating Isaac on his appointment by the Canadian Soccer Association to the Status of National Referee. I am quite sure, I speak for all of our Branch members, by saying that it is not only an ecstatic moment for Isaac but it goes without saying that it is an exciting moment for our Branch also. We could not be happier for him. It has been a long time since a Scarborough Branch Member has worn the National Badge. Once again heartiest congratulations to Isaac!


Isaac came to Scarborough, Ontario from England at an early age. He started his soccer playing career with the Maple Leaf Soccer Club in Scarborough. As a player Isaac had more than his fair share of yellow and red cards and have surely tested referees' patience from time to time. Then the inevitable happened. He became a referee 1995 and in those short years move up the ladder of success. In 2005 he is one of the newly appointed National Referee in Canada.
Leslie Wong

Isaac off to CIS National Championship in Charlottetown, P.E.I

The Canadian Soccer Association has appointed Isaac Raymond to be a part of the Referees team officiating at the men's CIS National Championships (University) in Charlottetown, P.E.I. from November 9th to November 13th.
Congratulations to Isaac on his appointment.

A brief report by Isaac on his CIS National Championship

The following is a brief report from Isaac on his CIS Men's appointment in Charlottetown, November 9TH TO 13TH:
Delayed leaving Toronto on Wednesday afternoon due to stormy weather so I missed the connecting flight from Halifax to Charlottetown. Air Canada put me in a cab with 3 other passengers plus the driver for a three and a half hour drive from Halifax to Charlottetown. I arrived at 11:00 pm Wednesday. The glamours of travel!

The first day's schedule had me doing two lines. I was on the second game of the day St. Mary's (Halifax) v U of Toronto  with Dave Gantar 
(Edmonton) as referee. Then I was on the last (4th) game of the day UPEI (host team) v Carleton with Tiger Liu (Montreal) as referee. I had 
worked with both of these referees at other tournaments and USL games and so knew exactly what to expect and what I need to deliver. They are 
both very good referees.

As luck would have it he weather was awful on the first day so all games were cancelled and pushed back to Friday, with the remaining 
schedule being re-worked. We had a light work-out in the afternoon and a brief discussion of life in the National Program. Every referee received a Fox 40 whistle with the OSRA Scarborough logo!!

Friday was very cold (but dry)! The games went very well with no incidents of note. The final game of the day was the official opening ceremony and was well attended since the host team was playing. The first three games all finished 1-0 but the last game was very open and finished 3-2 for UPEI.

Friday evening was the tournament banquet and award ceremonies and it was very impressive. The appointments for the next day (Saturday) were made after dinner that evening and I was appointed to referee the semi-final game UPEI v UBC.

Saturday was very quiet for me since I had the whole day to kill. I spent a little time watching one of the other games but mostly relaxed at the hotel. The semi-final game prior to mine, U of Toronto versus Trinity Western, went to overtime and penalty kicks. (The U of T goalkeeper scored the tying goal in stoppage time!) U of T then won on Penalty Kicks.

My game started one hour later then scheduled but was again very well attended since the host team was playing. My assistants were Neil Schofield FIFA AR (Ont) and Ian Fradsham (PEI). On a very cold evening UBC prevailed 1-0 on a 64th minute goal in a well played and entertaining game. The final was set with U of T to play UBC. By the time we all got out for dinner we were eating at 10:00pm. 

Appointments for the last day were made at dinner. I was appointed to referee the Bronze medal game Trinity Western v UPEI (again!!). I was very happy to receive a referee appointment on the last day since I was not expecting it at all. I think I got the game by default based on which provinces was represented in each game. The game was to kick off at 10:30 am and my assistants were Ryan Feron (Halifax) and Badek Charchafian (Montreal).

Sunday was a clear and sunny day. It was cool but not freezing like the other days. Again, the game was well attended as the host team was playing. The match was well played and entertaining with Trinity Western scoring after 27 minutes. The second half saw UPEI adding pressure to their opponent's goal. I added 3 minutes of stoppage time. UPEI won a free kick deep in the Trinity half. The UPEI goalkeeper came up to the Trinity penalty area for the free kick. As luck would have it the ball fell to him and he scored the tying goal with one minute remaining in added time! Needless to say the home fans were ecstatic. Incredibly, Trinity Western conceded the tying goal to the opposing goalkeeper in stoppage time in two consecutive games!!! When is the next time that will be done? A minute later the game ended and we went straight to penalty kicks with Trinity Western winning 4-2.

The Gold medal game followed and in another entertaining game refereed by Tiger Liu, UBC beat U of T 2-1 by scoring an 83rd minute penalty kick. Needless to say the penalty kick was a big and important decision that had a huge outcome on the game. So the tournament ended with UBC as champions, U of T as runner-up and Trinity Western in their first visit to CIS as Bronze medallists.

Personally it was a fantastic experience with very good assessments from Bob Sawtell (BC) and Frank Major (Man). It's always nice to work with referees from around the country and pick up tips and techniques that you may not have seen in your home province. The camaraderie between referees was excellent and the learning experience was invaluable. Many thanks to the CSA for the appointment and the host organizers for taking care of all our needs.


Isaac 2007 Canadian Soccer Association Appointments

For those of us who have not yet had the opportunity to take in a game at the New B M O Field, you may want to do so, when Isaac is refereeing one of these games

The following is his CSA appointments:

May 12 at BMO Field Assistant Referee MLS Reserve Division Toronto FC Reserves v Chicago Fire Reserves
May 17 at BMO Field Referee Exhibition Toronto FC Reserves v Ottawa Fury (PAL)
May 23 at BMO Field Assistant Referee Toronto F C v Benfica
June 2 at BMO Field Assistant Referee MLS Reserve Division Toronto FC Reserves v Colorado Rapids Reserves

U20 FIFA World Cup-Canada

This year with the U 20 FIFA World Cup right here in our own back yard. One can at least dream and hope that a referee from our Branch would be appointed to do exhibition and or friendly games involving these teams. This became a reality when Isaac Raymond was appointed by Canadian Soccer Association to be a part of an officiating team of referees for some of these games. 

Isaac participated in the following games: 

June 18th Canada U20 vs Czech Republic U20 Commonwealth Stadium Edmonton Alberta Isaac was appointed as AR#1
June 23rd Czech Republic U20 vs Korea Republic U20 game at Esther Shiner Stadium. This game was broadcasted live to Korea Republic. Isaac was appointed as Ar#2  
Isaac also refereed a friendly game between North York Astros vs Mexico U20 at Esther Shiner Stadium.

Taking away the spot light from Isaac. We had the unique opportunity of seeing an all Canadian officiating team on July 6th in Montreal, Czech Republic vs Panama.

Referee Steve Depiero
Assistant Referee # 1 Hector Vergara 
Assistant Referee # 2 Joe Fletcher 
4th Official Paul Ward

Isaac 2007 Ontario Cup Men's Finals

Congratulations to Isaac Raymond on his appointment to referee The Ontario Cup Men’s Final on September 16th 2007 at 17.30 PM Erin Mills Eagles Vs Woodbridge Italia at Soccer Centre Field # 3

2007 U18 Club National Championship in Fredericton, New Brunswick

Isaac has been appointed by the Canadian Soccer Association to be a member of the 2007 Officiating Referees Team for the 2007 U18 Club National Championships in Fredericton, New Brunswick, October 3rd to 8th

2008 Isaac's last year as a National Referee:

The year 2009 will be a different year for Isaac, after achieving the maximum age limit for National Referees and will be taken off the active list. Isaac now sets his goals on the administrative side of refereeing, which includes Assessing and Instructing. 

Being a player and a National Referee, Isaac has acquired the tools to be successful in these categories.

Since Isaac became a National Referee in 2005, he has travelled far and wide and refereed many high level soccer games in Canada. Isaac executed his duties as soccer referee with a high standard of professionalism. He is always willing to help younger referees not only in Scarborough, but also in other Districts 

 The District of Scarborough has always been proud of his accomplishments and it is somewhat sadden that his reign as a National Referee will be over as the 2008 season comes to an end. This is his last year as a National Referee you can say this is his swan- song 

Isaac was appointed to the following games in 2008

Assistant Referee: Canada U20 v Argentina U20 at BMO stadium
Wisla Krakow (Poland) v Brazil U20 at BMO stadium
USL 1st Division   - 4 matches in Montreal and  one match in the quarter final in  Vancouver.
MLS Reserves - 3 matches at BMO stadium
Refereed in the OSL, OWSL, OUA, OCAA and CSL.
Appointed to Senior Club National Championships in St. John's, Newfoundland where he refereed the Women's Gold Medal Match. 
Referee Championship match of CSL (Broadcast on Rogers Saturday Nov 1 at 8pm)
Referee Gold Medal match of OCAA Men's.
Assistant referee Gold Medal match OUA Men's at York University on Nov 2nd. 
This game will be his Swan-Song as a National Referee 

Isaac is going out with a bang!! and a heavy work load: The last 5 games listed above were all done in the last month of regular season

Although Isaac will be retiring from the active National Referees List at end of this season, he will continue to be an active referee and will focus his energy on assessing and education

Isaac have posted pictures on the web click this link to view 2008_Senior_Nationals.html
More action picture of Isaac click this link 2008_CSL_Final.html

2009 The start of a new career for Isaac

The year 2009 will be a different year for Isaac, after achieving the maximum age limit for National Referees and being taken off the active list. Isaac now sets his goals on the administrative side of refereeing, which includes Assessing and Instructing. 

Being a player and a National Referee, Isaac has acquired the tools to be successful in these categories.

2010 C S A appoints Isaac as National Instructor:

Congratulations to Isaac Raymond on his C S A appointment as a National Referee Instructor
Isaac worked diligently over the past two years for this accomplishment. This was one of his goals after he was taken off the active National Referee List. 
As a former soccer player and a National Referee, Isaac has acquired very good knowledge in these two aspects of Soccer, which should serve him well as a National Referee Instructor

2011 Isaac was appointed FIFA Futuro 111 Instructor

Isaac continues to aspire to higher levels as a referee instructor
Congratulations to Isaac who was appointed FIFA Futuro 111 Instructor in 2011
We in Scarborough wishes him continued success in his endeavours

2013 Isaac update:

Isaac continues to climb the ladder of success as a Referee Instructor and as an Assessor in the world of soccer. Success such as the following does not come overnight and it entails a huge amount of sacrifice. 

Futuro Instructor 
National Assessor 
National Instructor 
FIFA/CSA Fitness Leader 
Member of Advance Referees Training (ART) Steering Group 
OSA Referee Coach

Isaac attends most, if not all, of our education sessions in Scarborough. He is always willing to help young and older referees alike and provides good feedback on our education sessions.