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SSRA Executive

2022 Branch Executive

PresidentLeslie Wong 
Vice PresidentGreg Scheonebeck  
SecretaryChristopher Spencer 
TreasurerMark McKenzie 
Education Officer Kuizan Weekes 

 2022 Ellection held on November 30th 2021

The results of our 2022 Elections:
The entire executive was relected unopposed for a two year term 


The Results of our 2020 Elections are as follows:

Leslie Wong, Chris Spencer and Kuizan Weekes were all returned uncontesed for their respective positions 


The results of our 2019 Electios are as follows:

Greg Scheonebeck, Mark McKenzie and Kuizan Weeks were returned unopposed to their respective positions 

The results of our 2022 Elections are as follows:

Greg Scheonebeck assumed the position of Vice President.
Greg held the position fo Treasurer for 6 years, over these years, he has gained
much knowledge in the performance of our Association which will serve him well as the new V. P.
This was a position that Lindo Parkes held for 17 years and has decided to resign this position at this A G M

Mark McKenzie assumed the position of Treasurer.
Mark brings to this position youth and experience, which will serve our Association well going forward

Kuizan Weekes assumed the position of Education Officer.
Kuizan brings to this position youth, and knowledge being in the Provincial upgrading program and is now a Provincial referee, will be benifinal to the position of Education Officer.
Don Pearce did not seek relection for the position of Education Officer. Don brought to the table a wealth of experience, he has served in all positions within the Association. Don presently is winding down his referee’s activities