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SSRA Branch History

SSRA branch history
SSRA branch history

The Scarborough Branch was founded on the 17th April 1972 as the Scarborough and District Minor Soccer Referees Association, with an annual membership fee of $5.00. The branch affiliated with the O.S.R.A on December 9th 1973. In November of 1977 at the A.G.M, the name was changed to the Soccer Referees Association. In 1996 at the A.G.M the name was changed to the Scarborough Soccer Referees’ Association, Branch of the Ontario Soccer Referees Association.

Honour Role:

Our first elected Executive were: J. Peacock President; G.Della Ria Vice President; B. Garrod Secretary and I.McKenna Treasurer

The position of Hon. Life Member was established to honour those referees who have worked hard in making Scarborough Branch one of the best in Ontario. They are: Joe Peacock (Joe passed away in 2003), Bill Gallacher, John O'Donnell, Ian Cardy and Ernest Craig.
At our April 19th 2022 Spring meeting Leslie Wong SSRA President recommended to membership to acknowledge Don Pearce and Basil Gill for the position of Honourary Life Member for their many years of service in moulding and improving our Association to what we now enjoy
Both Basil Gill and Don Pearce were unanimously voted in as Hon. Life Members at this meeting

Don Pearce is the longest serving President of our branch. His term started in 1984 and ended in 1993, a total of ten consecutive years as President. Don joined the branch in 1974. He continues to be an active branch member and has served in other positions such as Education Officer and District Referee  Coordinator

Ian Cardey was the longest serving Secretary of our branch. Ian served a total of eight years as Secretary. He also served and additional four years as Vice President. I an joined the branch in 1978 and retired from active soccer in 1998

Ernie Craig was the longest serving Treasurer of our branch. His term started in 1984 and ended in 1992, a total of 9 consecutive years. Ernie joined the branch in 1974 and retired from active soccer in 2000

35 Years of Service - Honour Role: The following referees are recoginesed for their 35 plus years of active service in the District of Scarborough and Ontario. John McAllister, Bob McAllister, Don Pearce, Basi Gill and Leslie Wong

30 Years of Service-Honour Role: The following referees have acheived 30 years of continuous service in the District of Scarborough: Gord Arrowsmith (Gord left the District in 2003); John McAllister; Bob McAllister; Don Pearce; Don Cameron (don passed away in 2005) John McInall; Henry Helou; Leslie Wong and Basil Gill (Basil passed away 2010)

25 Years of Service-Honour Role:  The following referees have acheived 25 years of continuous service in the District of Scarborough: Bob McAllister; Don Pearce; John McInall; Henry Helou; Harry DiCiacca; Robert Cruise; Basil Gill; Kurt Kornfehl ; Leslie Wong; Sturgeon Martin and Italo DeBlasis

McAllister Family Acheivement:

 This year 2005 will mark another historial moment in the history of our Branch. John McAllister and his son Bob McAllister have acheived 33 and 31 years of continuous service to the soccer community of Scarborough and the Provience of Ontario. This is a unique accomplishment  and should not go unrecoginised. Congratulations to both of them. As far as it is know, this is the first father and son "team" to acheive this distinct honour. John now reside in Barrie and Bob in Ajax. They both have remained faithful to the District 

Martin Family Acheivement:

Three generations of Soccer Referees. What happens in this family stays in this family. Cicero wrote:"Great deeds are not done by strength or speed or physique; they are the products of thought, and character and judgement. And far from diminidhing such qualities actually increases with age". A shining example of this is Strgeon Martin. Before Sturgeon became a soccer referee, he was associated with the Scarborough Maple Leaf Soccer Club. Sturgeon and Henry Helou enjoyed many successful years as Coach and Manager. In 1982 he took and pass the referee's exam. Over the past 31 years, he gained a wealth of knowledge and experience which he shared happily with many younger referees.

Some are still refereeing today. As a scheduler, he assigned and mentored young referees in the District of Scarborough. Sturgeon is winding down his refereeing career for some time now, and his handing over the reign to his three sons, Franz, Paul and Brent who are the 2nd generation. In 2011 the 3rd generation emerged on the refereeing scene in the form of his granddaughter, (Kahra Martin) the daughter of his son Paul. During this time the Martin family have accumulated approximately 90 years of refereeing. This is a very significant accomplishment and needs to be recoginised. Sturgent is an asset to referees in general and the District of Scarborough. He continues to work with the younger referees. Congratulations to the Martin Family

Congratulations to Ramee Arbaji on his promotion to Provincial Status in the Province of Ontario. At the age of 21 Ramee has the distinction of being the youngest referee in the District of Scarborough ever to have accomplished this. Ramee was promoted in December 2009 by OSA

Congratulations to Fabrizio Stasolla who is the first recipient of the 2009 Scarborough Soccer Association Scholarship Award. Fabrizio is one of many young referees in the Scarborough Soccer Referees Associaltion and a member in good standing. This award was introduced in 2008.
Fabrizio teamed up with Andre Trenchfield and Gobi Kanesamoothy. These three referees showed very good promise in their early years of refereeing and was expected to accomplish Regional and/or Proviencial status. This did not materlised, both Gobi and Andre eventually droped out of refereeing due to various reasons. Fabrizio continued to referee and had over come many obstacles during his persuit to be the best he can be.  Frabrizio  acheived his goals to be the best he can be and at the age of 32 years old became a FIFA referee. He remains committed to the Scarborough District and is giving back to the soccer community. What a story book accomplishment