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2022 League 1 Premier Women's Division


2022 League 1 Female Division
It is not often that you see four referees from the same district appointed to a League 1 Ontario Premier Division game.
When this happens it is considered an honor and an accomplishment for the referees, SSRA and the Scarborough District. Frankly in my 40 plus years in soccer I have never heard of, or seen this happen before in the Scarborough district, and is truly a momentous occasion for the district, and, is a testament to the quality of the referees which have come through the ranks of the SSRA and the District of Scarborough.
Congratulations to the following referees who were appointed to officiate in a League 1 Ontario Women’s Premier Division game featuring Darby FC vs Electric City played at the South Courtice Turf Field on May 6th 2022.
Roshan Mendonca; Referee.
 Kyle Cohall; AR 1.
 Martin Harrison: AR 2. and
Fourth Official Kuizan Weekes