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SSRA 2020 inaugural bike ride

Scarborough Soccer Referees Association Inaugural Bike Ride:

With a view to fitness seeing that soccer has been temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Scarborough Soccer Referees Association organized a bike ride for its membership to stimulate interest in fitness and camraderie on June 13th

Our inaugural bike ride took place at two locations. Ajax and Scarborough.
At total of 17 individuals attended, not bad for a first attempt. 
Here are two pictures from the Scarborough group on Saturday June 13th  


Update on June 19th Bike Ride

We had fifteen participants on this ride. We completed a total of 16 miles or 26 KM and took a tad more than two hours

Great ride, we started at our regular meeting place (Malvrn Methodist Church) and proceeded to U of T lower fields (Old Colonel Danforth Park and down Pickering and Ajax trails before returning our starting point

Three more pictures uploaded

updated 2020-06-24


Update on June 27th Bike ride

We started our ride with 13 participants, due to a late start with bike issues we ended the ride with 10 participants  

Great ride we went through the Pickering trail and continued into Ajax covering a distance of 19 miles / 30.5 KM our longest distance so far

Pictures will be posted later for this ride
updated July 1st 2020


Update on July 4th Birke Ride

We started with 14 participants today and completed the ride with 13.
This ride was 3 hours and 15 minutes long and covered a distance 
of 21 miles or 34 KM. returning to our starting venue at 1:20 pm. 
We have to start early to avoid the blistering midday sun which can cause some discomfort and possibly some health problems 
Another great ride. This ride took us to the lighthouse in Ajax, see pitcure on website 
updated on July 6th


Update on July 11th Bike ride
This week we started our ride at Port Union waterfront. The plan was to continue East and further into Ajax
The rain had other intentions and prevented us from going further, to say the least, we were drenched
The rain did not stop us from getting a good ride for a distance of 22 KM 
Pictures will be updated later
updated July 14th 

 Update on July 18th Bike ride
Unlike our previous Bike ride, we had great weather and a great ride 
We started from our Morningside venue and continued into Ajax 
We did 20 miles or 32 KM, not bad at all, see picture on website 
updated July 21st


Update on July 25th
We did 22 miles or 34.5 KM  this week. 
Great weather and another great ride
No pictures this week
updated July 26th  

August 1st Bike Ride update 
Another great day for being out and about with colleagues enjoying anther great bike ride 
This was by far the longest ride we have done so far. 
We covered a distance of 26 miles or 44 KM 
Group picture posted 
updated Aug 7th 

August 8th Bike ride
Another great day to be out and about with colleagues enjoying another great bike ride
We completed the same bike route as last week, Scarborough -Frenchman bay in Ajax
Distance covered 26 miles or 44 KM
See pictures on website
updated Aug 9th

November 7th

Although we posted no photographs of our rides after August 9th, our bike ride continued until November 7th but eventually, all good things come to an end. All the park trails between Scarborough and Ajax are now officially closed, and  as we are now into the fall season where the weather is unpredictable, it is the right time to terminate our weekly bike ride.

This program was enjoyable and accomplished its objectives, which were to improve the fitness levels of all and promote camraderie between us. We would like to thank all those who have participated in making our program the success it was.

Going forward this program can become an annual event