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District Beep Test Instructions

We would all agree that soccer is growing very fast both in numbers and in the quality of play. As more clubs develop more elite teams, the need for Referees experienced in managing higher-level matches is also growing exponentially.Referees must know that laws of the game and be match fit to start the season.Fitness is critical to the game of soccer, not only for players, also the match officials.The District of Scarborough and the Referees Association have established both Education and Fitness training programs starting in January 2018. Fitness training starts on January 13th at Clairlea Soccer Centre from 11 am to 12pm on field and 12.15 to 1pm in class instructions (byweekly). Education starts on January 23rd at Agincourt Community Centre, 31 Glen Watford Dr. 7pm to 9 PM (byweekly).
All referees are encouraged to attend and participate in both education and fitness sessions. Referees should be fit to referee rather than refereeing to be fit.
Activate the link below to view District Fitness Beep Test Instructions